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SEOtastic has only 1 purpose.

To provide high-quality & results-driven SEO for SaaS and B2B

We’re the best SEO marketing agency, focused only on B2B and SaaS companies.

Let us show you how
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Should you hire an SEO agency?

Before we start, are you at the right address?

You’re aware of your position on the market and the product you sell and you want to leave your competition far behind?

You’re not sure who is your target audience and how to attract them?

Your website is not representative and has a low conversion rate?

Want to improve your online presence and grow organic traffic which can deliver qualified leads and sales?

Want to build loyal relationship with your customers and carefully listen to their demands?

Want to improve your sales and attain long-lasting results that will lead to industry’s leadership?

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Grow your business with
our SEO agency!

We quickly mastered the unique approach that gives our B2B Clients the results they achieve today.

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You share your goals and ambitions, and we develop a custom-made strategy that helps you reach them within a given time period.


Technical SEO fixes

We optimize the infrastructure of your website which leads to a higher ranking.


Keyword Research

We identify all variations of search queries used by your target audience to find your business, in order to improve your Google ranking, visibility and lead volume.

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On-Page Optimization

Working through every critical page of your website, we will optimise all elements including the structure and how it loads to ensure its optimum for crawling and browsing.

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Link building

Our bread and butter. We create, place and promote content that other agencies could just dream about.

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Reporting & Tracking

We have 24/7 access to SemRush and Ahrefs to ensure trustful results.

Get a Team for the
Cost of an Employee

Whether your company is small, large, new, or old, the key to a company’s online success lies largely in making search engine optimization a priority. No matter what phase of the life cycle your company is in, the competition is going to be fierce, with more than three million businesses operating online and battling for search rankings.

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Hiring an SEO
team saves costs

Hiring the services of a seo agency is cheaper than hiring a new employee for every stage of the process.

SaaS ground faster

You can hit
the ground faster

We listen, support and communicate. Our top priority is exceeding our clients’ goals and we’ll adapt our approach to doing that.

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It’s all about
the experience

Our inbound seo agency already has years of experience. Our teams are well trained and have practical experience carrying out inbound plans for businesses like yours.

3 heads

Two heads are
better than one

Our agency will provide you a specialized, dedicated team of two or three whose sole job is to manage your project. Having a “go-to” helps ensure timelines, expectations, and the like.

Other agencies help you to get discovered in search.

We make you unmissable. We make sure that you always appear in the search of your lead.

As a SaaS and B2B SEO agency, we are well equipped to help you design a search marketing strategy that will deliver rankings, leads and sales.

Our background in SEO means we have in-house strategists, content writers and SEO experts who will be able to understand the complexities of your business. We get under the skin of your company to really understand your offering, what your unique selling points are and what drives your customers to purchase.

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Pricing and Quote

Our SEO services are designed to ensure you reach your customers through the proper channels and increase your online visibility. Lock in on your audience with our bullseye targeting approach that is custom designed to fit your business and needs.

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